We at Victory Baptist Church, according to the Word of God, are a body of believers committed to worshiping God and honoring the Name of Jesus Christ by loving one another and giving ourselves in ministry for training the saints and telling the gospel.

  1. Missionaries and Mission Agencies

Leon & Donna Duell in Alaska with ABWE
-Needed support
-Wisdom in establishing themselves in Alaska
-Direction in working with Dimond Baptist Church in reaching distinct people groups in their city.


Baptist Mid-Missions – www.bmm.org
Nathan & Maam Beckman, our missionaries to Thailand, with Baptist Mid-Missions. Pray for their children Ryan, Hudson & Nyah as they grow and minister with their parents. Pray for their church they are working. A number of people they have shared the gospel with but are resisting yielding to Christ.

  • – Thailand

Prayer letter

Brandon & Emily Carmichael in Brazil with Baptist Mid-Missions
-They are getting near the end of their language school
-As they are investigating ministry opportunities, how, and with whom they will work
-The Lord would direct them to those people who need and ready to hear Him
-Parenting and training Chloe

: Rua Angelina Regolin Cardoso deMendonca, 290
04811-150 Sao Paula, SP
You can also find them at www.teambrazil.org or facebook.com/CarmichaelDeputation.


Jewish Awareness Ministries – www.jewishawareness.org

Mike & Lucille Quasha – Retired from Jewish Awareness Ministries

-VBC will help care for them this year in their needs – DV

-Lucille with her help to Mike & witness with contacts

-Wisdom as they make choices for the future

-Financial needs for hospital


  • –USA

Prayer letter

Remember the Voice of Martyrs people! We have the ‘Voice of Martyrs’ magazines of people on our library shelf with their stories of their persecution they are facing. Let us remember our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their faith! Might we be encouraged and ready when persecution comes our way!

  1. Missions committee

Committee Members

  • Pastor Daniel Milroy
  • Deacon representative – Mike
  • Sakiko
  • Inda
  • Chairman – Tim