February           25,               2017


Sunday School                                 9:45 a.m.

Morning Worship                           11:00 a.m.

Back to back services begin this week!

Wednesday night services              6:30 p.m.



Announcements                                                          Gerry B

Scripture Reading               Galatians 5:16-26          Bob N


Hymn                          # 65                 O Worship the King

Offering and Offertory

Congregational Prayer                                                Pastor Milroy

Hymn                          # 259               The Cleansing Wave

Chorus                                                 You Are My All in All

Children’s Church is dismissed at this time

Message                        Patterns of Death and Life

Hymn                          # 490               Got Any Rivers


Back to back services this week!  We will have lunch immediately after the service, today is ‘pie dishes!’  Next week, we are doing crock pot whatever.  Also, please sign up for cleaning up after dinner to help us as well.  Please stay and enjoy the fellowship.  For our second service we will view ‘The Secret Battle of Ideas about God’ session 3 – Why Do I Hurt? And discuss questions on the survey.

 6:00 pm… Cloverhill Adult Ministry  .  You are welcome to join the worship service.


Coming Up This Week

February 28….Wednesday…6:30 pm…We invite you to join us in Bible studies this week.  There will be SHINE groups & teens opportunities as well as the adult group in 2 Samuel.

March 1…Friday…9:00 am… Ladies craft time – come out and encourage one another!


Future Events

March 10…Saturday at 8:00 a.m.….  Pancake House Get Away?  We have a sign-up sheet for any that would like to go on another Pancake House adventure!  Please sign-up if you are interested.  Thanks.

March 23,24…Fri/Sat…. Youth Seminars!  ReCharge!  This will be held at Marilla, the cost is $35 before March 5.  All teens are encouraged to come! Any questions, speak to the Mr. & Mrs. List.

April 4…Wednesday…6:30 pm….We will have a missionary from IGM from West Africa.  More info to follow.

April 8…Sunday… We will also have the Armijos with us.  More info to follow.


Special Notes

*Men, if you are interested in a one on one or group personal bible study this next year, please speak to the pastor or deacons.  We have a study that will challenge you in your walk with Jesus!  It’s based on a book, “not a fan” by Kyle Idleman.  This study will help you to understand what a follower of Jesus is.  It will cost you time, introspection, and commitment…as a follower of Jesus.  If you need a jump start in your walk consider this study.  Be a ‘follower’ not a ‘fan.’

*Please be in prayer….

-Jack B

-Trina B

-Lucas B

-Moshe Gold – recovering from stroke related incident, in rehabilitation facility

-Terri M

-April M


Focus of the Week in prayer

Nathan & Maam Beckman, service in Thailand with Baptist Mid-Missions

-On furlough, safety in traveling, good meetings with churches

-Wisdom as they prepare to return to Thailand with renewed vision

-Opportunities to be with their families