Church Bulletin




                                                                September     16,     2018


Sunday School                                 9:45 a.m.

Morning Worship                           11:00 a.m.

See Bulletin                               6:00 p.m.

Wednesday night services              6:30 p.m.



Welcome & Announcements                                   Gerry B

Scripture Reading             Matthew 5:13-16           Mike L


Hymn                         # 463               Blessed Assurance

Offering and Offertory       

Congregational Prayer                                             Dana M

Hymn                         # 180       I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord

Hymn                          # 24                 His Name Is Wonderful

Junior Church is dismissed at this time

Message            Salt and Light….today & tomorrow

Chorus                                               There Is Joy in the Lord



 2:00 p.m.… Cloverhill Adult Ministry.  Join us as we meet and encourage the folks there.  Gerry B  will be speaking.

 5:30 p.m.… Choir practice

 6:00 p.m.… We begin our prayer on Sunday evenings, and Bible studies on Wednesday evenings.  Join us as we consider a promise of God and pray!  Do you know what you find at Matthew 7:7,8?


Coming Up This Week

September 19…Wednesday…..6:30 pm…..We will start our ‘Fall Ministries’ programs.  Please pray for this ministry and seek how you can help.  Encourage and invite people to join you, in studying the word of God!

September 20…Thursday…9:00 am…Ladies are welcome to our craft time.  Encourage one another in the Lord as you make your crafts.


Future Events

September 23…Sunday…..11:00 am…..Come and let us pray for God’s direction and grace for this journey He will lead us on and over the next year.

September 29…Saturday…..2:00 pm…..Matthew M  and Ashley L  marriage, at VBC.  Rejoice, pray, and encourage them!

September 30…Sunday…..3:00 pm…..A memorial for Ken Baehr.  Please keep his family in prayer, particularly Kenna (Roggow) J , once a member here.  Ken Baehr and Jack B  and their wives saw a need for a Fundamental Baptist church in Albion and prayed for and began VBC.

October 21…Sunday…..A quarterly business meeting after the morning service.  Please plan to stay for a little bit as we will have our meeting and select a search team (pulpit committee).

November 9th -11th …Fri. – Sun…..….. Fall Missions Conference… “The Bible – More than words!”… The Carmichaels will be with us for the weekend.  Detailed schedule is on the bulletin board.




*There is a mowing schedule upon on the bulletin, please help us out keeping the mowing done.  Check with Doug, if any questions.


Please keep in prayer

-Ken B  family –

-Jack B

-Trina B

-Matt M  & Ashley L

-Terri M

-Tim M

-Deb R

Pray for one another to ‘seize’ our day for Christ!


Focus of the week in Prayer

-Leon & Donna Duell serving in Alaska with ABWE

-In their ESL classes, opportunity to share Christ

-Wisdom in discipleship and training in Diamond Baptist

-Donna’s help with the church needs