March       18,               2018


Sunday School                                 9:45 a.m.

Morning Worship                           11:00 a.m.

Back to back services begin this week!

Wednesday night services              6:30 p.m.



Welcome & Announcements                                   Dana M  

Scripture Reading          Galatians 5:16-26             Roland M


Hymn                         # 475               Rejoice in the Lord

Offering and Offertory                                          

Congregational Prayer                                             Mike L

Hymn                         # 397               Higher Ground

Junior Church is dismissed at this time

Message                 Progressive Sanctification – 2

Chorus                                               Cry of My Heart                    



 Back to back services this week….We will have a lunch immediately after the service.  Today is ‘soups/stews/chili’s and sandwiches!  Next week, we are doing ‘Picnic’ (hots & rolls will be provided by church).  Please stay and enjoy the fellowship.  There will be no second service today, but you are invited to join us at our ministry at Cloverhill Adult Residence.

 2:00 pm… Cloverhill Adult Residence Ministry.  Pastor Milroy will be speaking today.  All are welcome to join us with these dear folk.

Coming Up This Week

 March 21…Wednesday…6:30 pm… We invite you to join us in Bible studies this week.  There will be our SHINE groups & teens opportunities as well as the adult group studying 2 Samuel.

March 23 …Friday…9:00 am…  Ladies craft time – come out and encourage one another!

March 23,24 …Fri/Sat… Youth Seminars!  RECHARGE!  This will be held in Marilla.  All teens are encouraged to come and enjoy the seminars!  Any questions, please direct them to Mr. & Mrs. List. Thanks.

Future Events

April 1…Sunday… Easter Sunday!  Come celebrate with the B’s.  There will be a dinner provided immediately following the morning service for anyone who has no plans to celebrate our risen Savior with family & friends.  Please feel free to invite a friend or someone in need.  There is always plenty of food and the fellowship is great!

April 4…Wednesday…6:30 pm….We will have a missionary from IGM, a national church planter, Pastor Anthony Juma, from Kenya, East Africa. He pastors Hurmna Baptist Church, assistant director of Independent Gospel Mission Fellowship of East Africa, and a teacher in Independent Gospel Bible Institute, and oversees the Huruma Christian School.  Mr. Juma has a wife, Sheilah, and six children.  Join us in praying for his coming and attend his being here with us.  There will be a ‘travel jar’ for free giving to him to pay for his travel expenses.

April 8…Sunday… We will have Alejandro & Robyn Armijos with us and their kids traveling them all day in April.  Please, pray for them as they seek to gain support as they return to Chile and desire to plant another church. VBC has taken them on again as one of our missionaries, so take the time to know them well!

Special Notes

*Men or couples, if you are interested in a one on one or group personal bible study this next year, please speak to the pastor or deacons.  We have a study that will challenge you in your walk with Jesus!  It’s based on a book, “not a fan” by Kyle Idleman.  This study will help you to understand what a follower of Jesus is.  It will cost you time, introspection, and commitment…as a follower of Jesus.  If you need a jump start in your walk consider this study.  Be a ‘follower’ not a ‘fan.’

*Please be in prayer….

-Trina B

-Lucus B

-Moshe Gold…still with stroke complications

-Tim M

-April M

-Carolyn T  & Family


Focus of the week in Prayer

Leon & Donna Duell serving in Alaska with mission board ABWE

-Leon & Donna strength for their responsibilities

-Financial needs, particularly with recent hospital bills

-Wisdom in their work and discipleship with Diamond Baptist Church