Church Bulletin

July       15,               2018


Sunday School                                 9:45 a.m.

Morning Worship                           11:00 a.m.

See Bulletin                               6:00 p.m.

Wednesday night services              6:30 p.m.



Welcome & Announcements                                   Gerry B

Scripture Reading                  Mark 4:1-20              Bob N


Hymn                         # 464               How Firm a Foundation

Offering and Offertory       

Congregational Prayer                                             Mike L

Hymn                         # 328               Only Trust Him

Special music                                     There is Glory in the Name

Junior Church is dismissed at this time

Message                        The Root and the Fruit

Chorus                                               Wonderful Merciful Savior



 2:00 p.m.…Cloverhill Adult Ministry.  Pastor Milroy will be speaking, you are welcome to join us.

 5:00 pm…. We will have our ‘Fellowship Gatherings’ at the Bs home.  Our theme is ‘How to please the Lord.’  Please bring your lawn chairs, as weather permits (though they have many chairs) but no food as Gerry & Debbie will provide.




Coming Up This Week

July 18…Wednesday…6:30 pm…. There will be thoughts on ‘be you mindful’ of our Lord and brief prayer.

 July 18…Wednesday…7:15 pm…Quarterly Business meeting with subject for transition, from our last meeting.  There will be a paper to list the constitutional changes. Thanks for participating.

July 19…Thursday…9:00 am….You are invited to a Ladies craft time!  Come out and encourage one another in the Lord & fellowship in making crafts.

 July 21…Saturday… 10:00 am…. We will have our ‘Fellowship Gatherings’ at the M  home.  Our theme is ‘How to be kind and generous.’  Please bring your lawn chairs, as weather permits.  Please bring a breakfast brunch kind of food to share!


Future Events

July-August…Saturday/Sunday….There is only 1 opportunities of hosting and/or teaching this summer; July 28,29 – get them while you can!  Please encourage others by taking part and supporting these opportunities!  Please sign up early and invite your friends & neighbors to these gatherings.

 July 22…Sunday…6:00 p.m.…Cloverhill Adult Ministry.  You are welcome to join the Napieralas & Worsechs as they worship with the people.

 July 27…Friday…6:00 pm…Join us at Ashley’s Market Basket Bride Shower!  Sign-up sheet on the bulletin board and/or call, text Marsha  by July 15.  Please bring your favorite apron for a game.  Register at Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

 August 6-10…9:30 am – noon…DVBS: Moose on the Loose!  Be in prayer for it and join




*There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the entry for people who will be involved in DVBS ministry this summer.  Please sign-up if you desire to work or help.  Thanks!

*Remember, if anyone would have some time to help out Terri Ms, please contact her and see how you might be able to help. Thanks.

*There is a mowing schedule upon on the bulletin, please help us out keeping the mowing done.  Thanks.


Please keep in prayer

-Jack B

-Matt M & Ashley L

-Terri M

-Roxanne W

-DVBS in August 6-10…

-Those traveling –

-PENS – be in Prayer & Encourage New Some-ones! (please take another pen to pray and give away!  We will do so, till they run out!)

-Pray for one another to ‘seize’ our day for Christ!


Focus of the week in Prayer

-Nathan & Maam Beckman in Thailand w/ Baptist Mid-Missions

-Their car needs to be fix – wisdom in getting it done

-PTL for the coach and soccer team rescued in Thailand

-Need of young men to turn to the Lord and serve him