If you have come this far with me in learning about Jesus’ story, I trust that you have received and believed everything I have said that is true to God’s Bible.  I trust that simple PEN, a gift that was given to you in prayer, or that you picked up in God’s providence and found this website, has opened your eyes to an all-knowing, all-caring, sovereign God.  He knows you, and wants to you know Him!  That’s why Jesus came — so you could be reconciled to God.

And if you followed and believe Biblical truths in Jesus’ story:

  • you are a lost sinner,
  • you knew your brokenness before God,
  • you found that Jesus came to deliver you if you trusted his sacrifice for you,
  • and by believing you received his Holy Spirit with power,

there is one last joy you can expect… will see Jesus face to face!

Jesus promised to return and receive His people to Himself.  Many believers over the last 2000 years have died gone to Heaven to be with Him.  But Christ promised to return from Heaven at date unknown to mankind to gather ALL believers to Himself, to be with him forever. It is a day which all followers of Christ are looking and watching for, the return of Jesus for them!

“whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.”9  The story of Jesus is beyond the past of one’s thinking and beyond the future one can know, but it is a story you can be a part of now, today, as you know him and follow him.

We invite you to know Jesus Christ our Lord, and to learn more about him at VBC.  Thank you, if you have read this message to the end.  You have been prayed for.  The Victory Baptist Church family hopes you’ve made Jesus Christ your Lord!

Please contact Pastor Milroy at (595) 589-4346, leave a number with a name, so that he can encourage and share more of God’s word with you and help you find your way in your new relationship with God.CLICK TO SEE NEXT!

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