Praise God for His-story written in His Bible!  It is the only story that all stories fall into and become real.  Parts of the Old Testament predicted not only Jesus’ birth and death, but also His resurrection!  Jesus died on a cross at Calvary, but three days later, He arose from the grave in the same body, never to die again!

Jesus could not stay in the grave, because God raised up, having loosed the pains of death, because it was not possible that He should be held by it.”8  God would not allow his Son to remain in the grave and raised him from the dead to live, forever!  Having done that, God will give spiritual (& ultimately physical) life to all who place their trust in Jesus and follow His instructions.

In addition, God gives His Holy Spirit to live inside and leads those who follow Jesus, helping them to become like Jesus.  The sinful things that we could never overcome on our own (like our selfishness, pride, anger, and hatred), we can now conquered them with God’s Holy Spirit in us!  We can live victoriously in Jesus Christ by listening to what God teaches us in the Bible and listening to the direction of His Holy Spirit within us!

Have you experienced that?  True followers can!  Life can still be messy at times, but broken people become God’s people as they follow Jesus Christ their Lord!  We pray that happens in your life as you submit yourself to Jesus’ words.

Is Jesus’ story touching your heart?  Have you acknowledged your brokenness and come to accept Jesus as your answer?  Well, let me tell you one more thing about Jesus.  Follow here….CLICK TO SEE NEXT!

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