I’m glad you want to know more about Jesus’ story.  You will find it in only one place, the Bible.  It’s a story bigger than anyone can fully learn, because it goes beyond the beginning or the end of our thoughts and understanding. It is discovered both in historical documents and in the reality of lives like yours and mine.

Pens can break or run out of ink.  Sometimes when we depend on them, they won’t write!  In that sense, pens can be like humans: we fail to accomplish what we were designed to do.

This story begins with Adam and Eve, the only part of creation designed in God’s own image.  They were innocent and fellowshipped with God, in a perfect harmonious place called Eden.  God gave them only one rule: they could not eat the fruit on one tree called ‘the knowledge of good and evil.’  God said, if you eat of its fruit, “you shall surely die!”3  God placed this one requirement on them to see if they would obey Him by demonstrating their love for Him and His righteous ways.

But they choose their own way, however, eating that forbidden fruit.  They broke their relationship with God.  Immediately, they died spiritually, and in time, they died physically as well.  They started the human race off with a sinful nature and passed it along to each generation.  No one escapes the sinful nature that is passed on to each one of us. It’s what we define as ‘sin’ and it shows itself in many ways in our lives: selfishness, anger, pride, etc.   Ultimately, sin brings death in our own lives, from God and from this world.

Far from the perfection plan of Eden, our world is not a perfect picture anymore, a world with hatred, lying, shifting the blame, and so on.  We are all like broken pens –skipping, running out of ink, even, breaking down.  If the story ended here, there would be no hope, but it doesn’t end here.  Jesus came to earth to restore our relationship with God!  Do you want to know more? Continue on…….CLICK TO SEE NEXT!

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